Organic Reactions

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Klein Chapter 12: Alcohols & Phenols

First Semester Syntheses

Carbonyl Reductions


Grignard reactions

Halogenations & Oxidations

Klein Chapter 13: Ethers & Epoxides; Thiols & Sulfides

Ether Syntheses

Ether Reactions

Epoxide Synthesis

Epoxide Reactions

Reactions of Thiols

Klein Chapter 16: Conjugated Pi Systems

Reactions of Dienes

Klein Chapter 17: Aromatic Compounds

Reactions at the Benzylic Carbon

Klein Chapter 18: Aromatic Substitutions
Klein Chapter 19: Aldehydes & Ketones
Klein Chapter 20: Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives
Klein Chapter 21: Alpha Carbon Chemistry
Klein Chapter 22: Amines